Shape Shift Modular Gun Holster System

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We are a sophisticated design team focused on pushing the status quo. It’s something that we focused on since the very beginning. We’ve brought together the brightest minds, and the most advanced 3D technology available, to create a holster that’s capable of virtually anything. It started with a concept that evolved into a revolutionary idea. The old way of carrying wasn’t good enough so, we decided to move past that. In order to bring this new holster to you, we have literally spent thousands of man-hours, we’ve created countless prototypes, we’ve invested millions of dollars, we have filed over 30 patents, and we have finally created what we believe will change the holster market forever.

The resulting invention that we’re bringing to you is a revolutionary new modular holster system, because your life is too complex and complicated to use one holster every day. We designed this holster to adapt to your lifestyle. It’s the most innovative holster ever conceived. The ShapeShift Modular Holster System is adaptable to any environment. You can open carry one day, concealed carry the next day. You can go drop thigh, backpack holster, shoulder holster, whatever your life needs that day. It’s like choosing what to wear today. You get to define what your everyday carry is.

You can shift your modular holster system into different configurations as you go about your day, to optimize comfort no matter what environment you’re in. This is a holster that no longer limits you on the things you can do. Hunting, hiking, bicycling, driving, no matter what your activity is this, holster system will match your needs. You can effortlessly shift from one configuration to the next, to suit any situation.

This is the very first holster that fits all of your carry needs. The world doesn’t need another holster, it needs a better holster. ShapeShift offers more comfortable and concealable options than any other holster. We have filed over 30 patents because of how groundbreaking the ShapeShift holster system is. Every detail serves a purpose. This was made by people who carry guns every day, for people who carry guns every day.

We are a team that never settles. Discover a holster that will adapt to your lifestyle. This is just the beginning to an entirely modular holster system. The starter kit will include everything you need to carry in four distinctive ways: classic iwb, appendix owb paddle and owb slide. We’re even going to include a bonus holster mouth that you can put anywhere you want. Under your desk, under the dash of your car, side of your bed, anywhere you can imagine.

In the future we’re going to be releasing a thigh holster, an ankle holster, a molle attachment, a backpack attachment, a pocket holster, and many more to come. We’ll be releasing these holster expansion packs within the coming months. Learn more at

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