6 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Blog

By author

There are numerous reasons why people start their own blogs and there are thousands of ways to do it successfully.

If you are thinking about starting your own blog you need to determine why.

Reasons why people have blogs are:

1. To write – everyone has a story and writing can be a very lucrative job role, a hobby or a necessity. The world has exploded with books and novels with the internet allowing everyone to create their own masterpiece, upload this to Amazon, eBay and so on as well as other associated market places, encouraging sales by sharing their story or skills;

2. To engage others – by sharing thoughts and abilities or hobbies, you communicate with other people with the same interest, giving advice and receiving advice, learning tips and shortcuts or supporting others when they need it. Suddenly the world will not seem so lonely if you meet someone else with the same issues, thoughts and problems as you;

3. To learn and/or teach – being an expert in your field does not mean you know everything. There is always something to learn, people to advise and seek advice as well as information to be gleaned. For example, stain removal, economic car parts, hobby suppliers, event co-ordinators and enthusiasts worldwide promoting new developments and techniques;

4. To make money – by creating a blog there is a platform for you to promote and sell products and services. Downloadable eBooks, physical books and every other type of product sold to the general public. Affiliate marketing allows blog owners to display other peoples’ products online and if securing a sale, the owner of the product pays the promoter a commission. This way the owner gets a sale without advertising costs and the promoter makes money for simply displaying an advertisement or referring a customer;

5. As a hobby – blogging can be a full time hobby if you like writing engaging with others or even computing in general. Encouraging comments and feedback can be constructive if suggesting improvements or requesting clarification or rewarding if positive comments and praise are received from readers.

6. To get rid of frustrations and share experiences – airing your views and opinions about something you believe in and feel strongly about, providing it is legal and does not cause harm or offense to others, can be very therapeutic. For example, the world weather. If you love hot, sunny climates and are constantly looking for destinations to suit your preference, starting a blog reporting on your own holiday experiences and encouraging others to share theirs will allow you to make informed decisions when booking a holiday. Similarly a bad experience or inconsiderate holiday provider can be named and shamed to ensure it improves customers’ experiences in the future.

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