The New Afrikan Nation Celebrates Nation Day on March 31

Following the vision of two brothers from Philadelphia, Imari and Gaidi Obadele, and following Malcolm X’s message that the struggle for independence was one based on land, the Republic of New Afrika (RNA) was formed on March 31, 1968 in Detroit, Michigan.  The RNA had 3 goals: 1) An independent New Afrikan (African American) country made up of 5 states in the south (LA, MS, AL, GA, SC) also known as the “Black Belt.” 2) Reparations for New Afrikans (African-Americans) 3) A plebiscite where Blacks in this country would be given the option to decide their citizenship as opposed to having it forced on them post the Civil War.

Why the term New Afrika? “The term “ New Afrika” reflects our Pan African identity, our purpose, and our direction. Although we come from distinct ethno-linguistic groups in Africa and the African Diaspora, our shared oppression and the interdependence of our liberation redefines our borders. We are New Afrikans and we are a Nation. The Republic of New Afrika has been at the forefront of many battles for Black Liberation and the liberation of all oppressed people, including the Ocean Hill-Brownsville school fights in NYC in 1968. It’s most notable members have included: Queen Mother Moore, Robert F. Williams, Dr. Betty Shabazz, Chokwe Lumumba, Sekou Odinga, Mutulu Shakur, Assata Shakur, Dr. Muhammad Ahmed, Tupac Shakur, and Nehanda Abiodun.

In the battle cry of the New Afrikan Independence Movement: Free The Land! Free The Land! Free The Land! By Any Means Necessary! #NationDay #MalcolmXGrassrootsMovement #MutuluIsWelcomeHere


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