NOW WE GATHER: Actions and Celebrations for Dr. Mutulu Shakur


FB_IMG_1456808802321The April 4th hearing date for Dr. Mutulu Shakur is just around the corner!  In Phase One of the MutuluIsWelcomeHere we gathered over 100 letters in support of Dr. Mutulu’s release, had multiple organizations sign-on the campaign, and hosted successfully Twitter rallies that got #MutuluIsWelcomeHere trending!

In Phase 2 of the campaign, which we are calling Now We Gather, we are asking supporters of Dr. Mutulu to host actions and gatherings to spread the word about Mutulu’s upcoming release and to continue showing the parole board that Dr. Mutulu is welcome in our communities.

Now We Gather! 

  • April 2: 3o X Mutulu: Following in the tradition of the 34 Mujeres X Oscar, a campaign to free Oscar Lopez Rivera, a political prisoner of the Puerto-Rican Independence Movement, the New Afrikan Women’s Caucus of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement is calling for 30 women in 10 cities to gather for 30 minutes for Dr. Mutulu Shakur. In addition, we call for all those in support of Dr. Mutulu Shakur’s release to gather in common identity (30 children, 30 men, 30 teachers, etc.) to gather in honor of Dr. Mutulu Shakur.  A new toolkit to support actions in support of the MutuluIsWelcomeHere Campaign has just been released!  30 X Mutulu Toolkit
  • MutuluIsWelcomeHere Celebrations: Can you pledge to throw a house party? We are calling for 10 House Parties in 10 cities that will incorporate political education and fundraising for Dr. Mutulu’s exiting evaluation.

Register your 30 X Mutulu Action and your MutuluIsWelcomeHere celebration below!


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